Istvan Pal Adam

Istvan Pal Adam holds a PhD in history from the University of Bristol, where his work was supervised by Tim Cole and Josie McLellan. Prior to that, he completed his MA at the Central European University, History and Jewish Studies Program. During his studies, Adam was awarded numerous fellowships. He was a Tziporah Wiesel Fellow at the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, USHMM, and for two years he held a Saul Kagan Fellowship of the Claims Conference, etc. In October 2016, Adam‘s first book, the Budapest Building Managers and the Holocaust in Hungary was published by Palgrave Macmillan. He worked in Prague as a postdoctoral fellow of the Charles University and the CEFRES French Research Center in Humanities & Social Sciences, and later he had post-doctoral fellowships at the Simon Dubnow Institute in Leipzig and at the Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies. His research interests include social history of various professions, the relations of these professions to the Jewish minorities and to antisemitism in Central and Eastern Europe.