Cohort XIII – Academic Year 2020-2021

  • Istvan Pal Adam

    Istvan Pal Adam
    Istvan Pal Adam holds a PhD in history from the University of Bristol, where his work was supervised by Tim Cole and Josie McLellan. Prior to that, he completed his MA at the Central European University, History and Jewish Studies Program. During his studies, Adam was awarded numerous fellowships. He was a Tziporah Wiesel Fellow at the Center for Advanced Holocaust ...
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  • Danijel Matijevic

    Danijel Matijevic
    Danijel Matijevic is a doctoral candidate in History and Jewish Studies at the University of Toronto, focusing on modern East-Central European history and history of mass violence and genocide under the mentorship of Dr. Doris L. Bergen and Dr. Piotr Wróbel. Matijevic’s dissertation aims at a social history of mass violence in Southeastern Europe during the Second World War and ...
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  • Amber Nickell

    Amber Nickell
    Amber N. Nickell is a Ph.D. Candidate at Purdue University. Writing under the guidance of Dr. Rebekah Klein-Pejsova, she is currently authoring a dissertation titled, “Brotherlands to Bloodlands: Ethnic Germans and Jews in Southern Ukraine, from the Late Imperial to the Postwar.” In it, she traces relationships between ethnic Germans and Jews in the region over the long durée, as ...
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  • Paula Oppermann

    Paula Oppermann
    The object of Paula Oppermann’s PhD research is the Latvian Fascist Party Pērkonkrusts (Thunder Cross). The project investigates the history of the organisation from origins in the 1930s, when Pērkonkrusts leaders developed their antisemitic agenda, fostered the dehumanisation of Latvia’s Jewish citizens and thereby the disintegration of the whole society. It then illuminates the role of Pērkonkrusts during World War ...
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