Meet the Fellows

To help ensure that serious study and research of the Holocaust continues even after survivors are gone, the Claims Conference Saul Kagan Fellowships program has provided academic fellowships to Ph.D. students since 2008. Each academic year, seven new fellowships are granted and these newly admitted students comprise a Cohort. In 2013, the program expanded to include funding for Post-doctoral candidates as well. Both Ph.D. and Post-doc Kagan Fellows may apply for a renewal of funding, but only for a second consecutive year. Kagan Fellows come from, and are studying in, numerous countries, and utilize archives around the world.

Current Fellows

  • Noah Benninga

    Noah Benninga Noah Benninga, Ph.D. Noah Benninga received his Ph.D. from Hebrew University for his 2016 dissertation, the “Material Culture of Prisoners in Auschwitz” (advisor: Moshe Zimmermann). Adapting the theoretical work of Joel Fineman (“The Anecdote” and “New Historicism”) to witness narratives ... Read more
  • Alina Bothe

    Alina BotheAlina Bothe, Ph.D. Alina Bothe received her M.A. in History, Political Sciences and East and Southeast European History from Freie Universität Berlin, where she also received her Ph.D. in History. She was a Research Fellow at the Center for Jewish Studies ... Read more
  • Robin Buller

    Robin BullerRobin Buller, Ph.D. Candidate Robin Buller’s dissertation examines the history of Sephardi Jewish immigrants in Paris during the interwar period and the Holocaust. Hailing from the recently dismantled Ottoman Empire, this population numbered upwards of twenty-thousand individuals at the outbreak of the ... Read more
  • Alicja Jarkowska-Natkaniec

    Alicja Jarkowska-NatkaniecAlicja Jarkowska-Natkaniec, Ph.D. Alicja Jarkowska-Natkaniec, Ph.D., graduated from the Jagiellonian University with a degree in Jewish Studies. She has participated in several scientific grants in Poland concerning the field of Jewish Studies and Holocaust Studies. She has also taken part in a ... Read more
  • Anne-Christin Klotz

    Anne-Christin Klotz Anne-Christin Klotz, Ph.D. Candidate Anne’s dissertation examines individual and collective reactions of Polish-Jewish journalists who wrote for the Yiddish daily press in Warsaw about the events in Nazi Germany from the moment of Hitler’s rise to power in January 1933 up to ... Read more
  • Agnieszka Witkowska-Krych

    Agnieszka Witkowska-Krych Agnieszka Witkowska-Krych, Ph.D. Student Agnieszka Witkowska-Krych received her first M.A. in Cultural Studies, her second M.A. in Hebrew Studies (both within the College of Inter-Faculty Studies in Humanities, University of Warsaw) and the third M.A. in Sociology (Collegium Civitas). Agnieszka is ... Read more